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In the Hot Seat with Jordy Cernik Peter Cernik MA aka Jordy Journalist

Peter trained as a journalist back

in 2001 with the London School

of journalist. Since then he has

had articles published in the

Evening Chronicle, Spark

Magazine and the Fashion

website Northern Lights. But

Peters biggest achievement was

with the National Radio

Magazine. ‘In The Hot Seat With

Jordy Cernik’ ran weekly for

three years, each week he would

research, chat and write up his

fun filled interviews with people

and stars of the radio industry.

Over the three years Peter

interviewed Jono Colman in

Australian, Mike Read and Pat

Sharp to Ross King in LA; not

forgetting the likes of  Anna

Foster in Newcastle. Once he

had established the column and

built up a following, people soon

wanted to be interviewed and in

the ‘Hot Seat’

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